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“Delivering best quality imported cosmetics to Korean consumers”

Innopath has a strong and growing presence in the domestic cosmetic market for last 15 years.

We have a well-established network in various online and offline distribution channels in Korea to cater the needs of our valued overseas manufacturers. At the moment, we are proud to represent 4 European cosmetic and fragrance brands in Korea and continuously looking for more opportunities to grow.

“Imported baby/kids cosmetics that is currently sold in Korea with recorded sales growth”


Since 2006, Innopath is an exclusive distributor of German cosmetic brand “EUBOS” developed and manufactured by Dr. Hobein Nachf GmbH. At the moment, our portfolio of “EUBOS” consists of 5 product lines targeting different skin conditions at all age range.

“With over 80 years of joint research and development cooperation with dermatologists in skin health and its wellbeing, the Dr. Hobein dermatological skin care company provides the highest levels of expertise and safety when it comes to skin care. EUBOS compounds are characterized by formulae ideal for every skin type. This also applies to our selected active agents with proven and documented properties”.

Official “EUBOS” website in Korea





CENTELLA – “Beauty by passion, nature by conviction”

We represent organic French skincare brand “CENTELLA” in the Korean market since 2015.

“Since its creation in 1972, Laboratoires EV ROIG’s ambition is to design organic natural beauty products. A pioneer in the use of Centella Asiatica in cosmetics, the Centella brand is the result of the ongoing research of this demanding scientist. Essential oils, plant extracts and spring water are carefully combined to create natural beauty formulas”.

Official “CENTELLA” website in Korea


“Products sold in aesthetic clinic and spa.”


We are honored to be a sole distributor of German “HORMOCENTA” brand in Korea since 2015.

“The name HORMOCENTA stands for unique intensive and effective products in the area of anti-aging. In the year of 2014, the brand celebrated its 60-year jubilee with a view on our successful past and high ambition for the future. Quality is our priority when it comes to developing our products. For decades, we have been using the best ingredients that we draw from selected suppliers who adhere to strict laws and guidelines. We are maintaining a sensible balance between effectiveness, price, production and testing methods. We can guarantee that our products have not been tested on animals”.

Official “HORMOCENTA” website in Korea



Hormocenta’s unique ingredient

The most suitable natural ingredient for your skin


100% naturally derived hormone complex developed by Hormocenta’s unrivaled technology, which is the result of a 60-year research on anti-aging.

Red clover extract

It is a plant that is originally from Europe. It helps regulate moisture and return skin elasticity. It regenerates the skin and protects the skin from the external harmful pollution. 

Black cohash extract

It helps relieve inflamed skin with a lot of redness and it also provides moisture to the skin.

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OLFACTISSIMO” – Our recent collaboration with Laboratoires Gilbert (France)

We are proud to announce our recent collaboration with Laboratoires Gilbert (France) to represent their “OLFACTISSIMO” Fine Colognes and Perfume Brand in South Korea.